gemischte Flak-Abteilung 426 (v)

Formed 4.42 in Luftgau III as s.Flak-Abt. 426 with 1. - 3. Batterien.

4./s.426 was formed in late 1942.

Reorganised as a gemischte Abteilung in 1943:

5./gem.426 from 1./824
6./gem.426 from 2./830

7./gem.246 was formed in 1944.


* 3./gem.426 (as 11.F) in Moss (Abt.726); 5./gem.426 (as 25.F) in Tromsö (Abt.467); 6./gem.426 (as 21.F) divided between Bardufoss (Abt.111) and Skibotten (Abt.467); 7./gem.426 (as 20.F) at Aasenfjord (Abt.425); 1., 2. and 4./gem.426 had either been disbanded at this time, or had been transported to Germany.

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