1. Fallschirm-Armee (Fs.AOK 1)


Ständiger Vertreter:

Chef des Stabes:

Formed 5.11.43 to 1.4.44 in Nancy from XI. Fliegerkorps. First used as a training command, attached to Heeresgruppe D in France. When the allies landed in France, in June 1944, the unit came under the direct control of OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht), while continuing its training duties. Went into combat the first time on the 4th September 1944, at the Lower Rhein, now attached to Heeresgruppe B. From December 1944 under Heeresgruppe H and from April 1945 directly under Oberbefehlshaber Nordwest. During November 1944 the unit was known as Armeegruppe Student (with 15th Army attached). The Army saw combat at:

HQ at Nancy (7.44), Eindhoven (9.44), Dinxperlo (10.44 - 12.44) and the Dorsten area (3.45).

The following units were attached directly to the Army (Armeetruppe):

The Army controlled the following units:

* the 15th Army consisted of the following units on 5.11.44:

LXXXVIII. AK: 59. ID, 712. ID, 256. ID
LXVII. AK: 711. ID, 719. ID, 245. ID, 346. ID, 85. ID
Reserve: 70. ID, 226. ID

Replacement troops were provided by Fallschirm-Jäger-Ersatz-Bataillon 3.

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