Fallschirm-Jäger-Division Erdmann


Formed 20.8.44 in Bitsch (Elsaß) as an alarm unit, to reinforce the army at Arnhem. The division was formed from remnants of other units, and many training schools in Germany. For details, see the individual regiments. On 9.9.44 the last of 43 trainloads had transported the division to Holland. No heavy weapons, except in the Panzer-Jäger-Abteilung.

The division consisted of the following units:

On 9.10.44 the division was renamed 7. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division. The regiments did not change their designations until 25.11.44, and operated initially with their old names under the new division. Durings its brief existence, the division had operated under LXXXVI.AK / Fs.AOK.1 in Hechtel, Arnhem and the Venlo area.

Replacement troops were provided by Fallschirm-Jäger-Ersatz-Bataillon 3.

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