Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann"



Formed 15.10.39 in Köln-Ostheim. On 18.10.43 became Stab/SG2.

Known as Gefechtsverband Hozzel, 1.43 - 2.43, controlling parts of St.G.1, St.G.2 and St.G.77.

Known as Gefechtsverband Kupfer, 7.43, controlling several Stuka units during Operation Citadel.

Stabsstaffel/St.G.2 was formed 20.8.40, but was disbanded 8.42, and used mainly Do 17P, Bf 110D and Ju 87B/D.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Cottbus from I./St.G.163 with:

Stab I./St.G.2 from Stab I./St.G.163
1./St.G.2 from 1./St.G.163
2./St.G.2 from 2./St.G.163
3./St.G.2 from 3./St.G.163

On 18.10.43 became I./SG2:

Stab I./St.G.2 became Stab I./SG2
1./St.G.2 became 1./SG2
2./St.G.2 became 2./SG2
3./St.G.2 became 3./SG2


* part of the unit operated from Rhodos

II. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Stolp-Reitz from I./St.G.162 with:

Stab II./St.G.2 from Stab II./St.G.162
4./St.G.2 from 1./St.G.162
5./St.G.2 from 2./St.G.162
6./St.G.2 from 3./St.G.162

On 13.1.42 became III./St.G.3:

Stab II./St.G.2 became Stab III./St.G.3
4./St.G.2 became 7./St.G.3
5./St.G.2 became 8./St.G.3
6./St.G.2 became 9./St.G.3

Reformed 1.42 in Neukuhren with:

Stab II./St.G.2 new
4./St.G.2 new
5./St.G.2 new
6./St.G.2 new

Disbanded 7.3.44, but 4./St.G. 2 became 10./SG3 and 6./St.G. 2 became 10./SG77.


* apparently moved to Germany in late 1943, except 4./St.G.2 which operated independently in Russia

III. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Langensalza from II./St.G.163 with:

Stab III./St.G.2 from Stab II./St.G.163
7./St.G.2 from 4./St.G.163
8./St.G.2 from 5./St.G.163
9./St.G.2 from 6./St.G.163

On 18.10.43 became III./SG2:

Stab III./St.G.2 became Stab III./SG2
7./St.G.2 became 7./SG2
8./St.G.2 became 8./SG2
9./St.G.2 became 9./SG2


* apparently only selected crews, took part in the Battle of Britain.



Formed 12.40 in Stolp-West as Erg.Staffel/St.G.2, from parts of Erg.Staffel/VIII. Fliegerkorps.

In 1942 increased to Gruppe, now with:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe St.G.2
1./Erg.Gruppe St.G.2
2./Erg.Gruppe St.G.2

In 5.43 became II./St.G.151:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe St.G.2 became Stab II./St.G.151
1./Erg.Gruppe St.G.2 became 3./St.G.151
2./Erg.Gruppe St.G.2 became 4./St.G.151


10.(Pz)/St.G. 2:

Formed 17.6.43 in Charkow(?) from 2./Versuchskommando für Panzerbekämpfung. On 18.10.43 became 10./SG2.


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