Sturzkampfgeschwader 1



Formed 18.11.39 in Jüterbog from Stab/LG2. On 18.10.43 became Stab/SG1.

Stabsstaffel/St.G.1 was formed 6.41, but in 8.43 became 3./ZG76. Used mainly Do 17P, Bf 110D and Ju 87B/D.


* several bases were used.

I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.5.39 in Insterburg from I./St.G.160 with:

Stab I./St.G.1 from Stab I./St.G.160
1./St.G.1 from 1./St.G.160
2./St.G.1 from 2./St.G.160
3./St.G.1 from 3./St.G.160

On 13.1.42 redesignated II./St.G.3:

Stab I./St.G.1 became Stab II./St.G.3
1./St.G.1 became 4./St.G.3
2./St.G.1 became 5./St.G.3
3./St.G.1 became 6./St.G.3

Reformed 17.6.43 in Germany from I./St.G.5 with:

Stab I./St.G.1 from Stab I./St.G.5
1./St.G.1 from 1./St.G.5
2./St.G.1 from 2./St.G.5
3./St.G.1 from 3./St.G.5

On 18.10.43 became I./SG1

Stab I./St.G.1 became Stab I./SG1
1./St.G.1 became 1./SG1
2./St.G.1 became 2./SG1
3./St.G.1 became 3./SG1


* Krasne, Brzezno, Gorow and Oronsko were used during the movements in Poland

** 1./St.G.1 at Oslo-Fornebu on 10.4.40

II. Gruppe:


Formed 9.7.40 in Pas-de-Calais from III./St.G.51 with:

Stab II./St.G.1 from Stab III./St.G.51
4./St.G.1 from 7./St.G.51
5./St.G.1 from 8./St.G.51
6./St.G.1 from 9./St.G.51

On 18.10.43 became II./SG1:

Stab II./St.G.1 became Stab II./SG1
4./St.G.1 became 4./SG1
5./St.G.1 became 5./SG1
6./St.G.1 became 6./SG1


* 6./St.G.1 was at Schwäbisch-Hall, 12.41 - 2.42

** a detachment operated at Dnjepropetrowsk-Süd, 20.2.43 - 3.43

III. Gruppe:


Formed 9.7.40 in Falaise from I.(St)/Tr.Gr.186 with:

Stab III./St.G.1 from Stab I.(St)/Tr.Gr.186
7./St.G.1 from 1./Tr.Gr.186
8./St.G.1 from 2./Tr.Gr.186
9./St.G.1 from 3./Tr.Gr.186

On 18.10.43 became III./SG1:

Stab III./St.G.1 became Stab III./SG1
7./St.G.1 became 7./SG1
8./St.G.1 became 8./SG1
9./St.G.1 became 9./SG1


* 9./St.G.1 remained at Comiso until early 6.41, when it moved to Cottbus



Formed 8.12.40 in Schaffen-Diest as Erg.Staffel/St.G.1.

In 1942 increased to Gruppe, now with:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe St.G.1
1./Erg.Gruppe St.G.1
2./Erg.Gruppe St.G.1

In 5.43 became I./St.G.151:

Stab/Erg.Gruppe St.G.1 became Stab I./St.G.151
1./Erg.Gruppe St.G.1 became 1./St.G.151
2./Erg.Gruppe St.G.1 became 2./St.G.151


Panzerjägerstaffel/St.G. 1:

Formed 17.6.43 in Orscha from 1./Versuchskommando für Panzerbekämpfung. On 18.10.43 became 10./SG77.



Formed 23.4.43 in Wertheim with 2 Ju 87 and 21 DFS230 gliders.

On 22.5.43 became LS-Ausb.Staffel für Stukaverbände (together with LS-Ausb.Abt./St.G.77).


4.43 - 5.43 Wertheim Ju 87, DFS230

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