94th Missile Regiment

94-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 18291

Activated 1.9.58 in Vypolzovo, Tver oblast, as the 258th Aviation (Missile) Regiment, from the 454th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment - directly attached to the 50th Air Army.

From 1.4.59 attached to the 25th Guards Aviation (Missile) Division, and from 1.7.60 the 23rd Guards Missile Division.

9.8.59 renamed 258th Engineer Regiment, and a day later (10.8.59) the 94th Engineer Regiment.

Relocated to Khaansalu (Estonia) in August 1959, and was finally renamed 94th Missile Regiment 1.7.60.


The warheads for the missiles were delivered more slowly - on 1.1.61 only four R-12 were equipped with warheads (probably two missiles in each battalion), and only by April 15th 1961, were all eight missiles equipped with warheads.

The R-12 battalions stood down 25.2.78, and the regiment was disbanded 20.12.78.

US designation 1959-1978: Risti MRBM complex (Risti launch site 1 and 2). Type I (pad) sites.

Risti launch site 1 with 4 R-12 pads (59 04 05N, 24 04 24E):

Risti launch site 2 with 4 R-12 pads (59 07 42N, 24 06 37E):

Two alternative fixed field sites for the pad launchers, were set up at Kloostri (Kloostri 1: 59 13 00N, 24 03 28E and Kloostri 2: 59 16 15N, 24 01 00E), but had become inactive by 1967.