85th Guards Smolensko-Berlinskiy Red Banner Missile Regiment

85-й гвардейский ракетный Смоленско-Берлинский Краснознаменный полк

Military Unit: 18279

Activated 8.12.58 at Uman, Cherkasy Oblast, as the 214th Aviation (Missile) Regiment, from the 171st Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment - directly attached to the 43rd Air Army.

From 1.4.59 attached to the 83rd Guards Aviation (Missile) Division, and from 1.7.60 the 33rd Guards Missile Division.

5.8.59 transferred to Pinsk, Brest Oblast.

9.8.59 renamed 214th Guards Engineer Regiment, and a day later (10.8.59) the 85th Guards Engineer Regiment.

1.7.60 renamed 85th Guards Missile Regiment.

1.10.62 transferred to the 31st Guards Missile Division.


The regiment only had warheads for two missiles (probably first battalion) before April 1961.

The battalions stood down 1989, and the regiment was disbanded (1989).

US designation: Pinsk MRBM complex (Ivanovo and Motol launch sites). Type I (pad) sites.

Ivanovo launch site with 4 R-12 pads (52 10 48N, 25 41 37E):

Motol launch site with 4 R-12 pads (52 12 28N, 25 44 40E):

One alternative fixed field site for the pad launchers, were set up at Lychkovtsy (52 15 00N, 25 21 12E).

Pinsk sites 1987: site 1 - site 2