83rd Missile Regiment

83-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 75914, from 1969: 01041

Activated 19.6.61 in Step, Chita Oblast, under the 60th Missile Division.

In 8.61 transferred to the 45th Missile Division.

June 1963 transferred to Anadyr (Ugolnyy), Magadan Oblast.


The regiment stood down 1.6.69, and in 16.9.69 was transferred to Pervomaysk, Nikolayev Oblast, under the 46th Missile Division.

The regiment went on alert duty in 1970 with 10 UR-100 (SS-11) silos in area BRK-5.

Converted to the UR-100N in 1975-76, alert duty from 10.76.

Converted to the UR-100NU (SS-19 mod. 3) in 1980.

The regiment was disbanded 1994.

US designation 1963-1969: Ugolnyy MRBM complex (Ugolnyy launch site). Type II (pad) site.

Ugolnyy launch site (64 47 09N, 177 58 43E) - picture (1966):

US designation: 1970 - 1976 Pervomaysk ICBM Complex - Launch Group E (Ten Type IIID silos):
US designation: 1976 - 1994 Pervomaysk ICBM Complex - Launch Group E (Ten Type IIIG and one Type IIIX silos):