797th Missile Regiment

797-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 07398

Activated 3.64 in Svobodnyy, Amur Oblast, under the 27th Missile Division.

The regiment controlled site BSP-11 with 2 R-16 pads (alert duty from 3.64).

In 1968 the BSP-11 site was transferred to the 563rd Missile Regiment, and the regiment was relocated to Kartaly, Chelyabinsk Oblast, and came under the 59th Missile Division.

The regiment went on alert duty 3.10.70 with 6 R-36 (8K67) (SS-9) missiles in area BRK-6.

The regiment stood down 10.3.79, and began conversion to the R-36MUTTKh (SS-18 missile) - alert duty from 12.12.80.

Disbanded 2001.

US designation 1964-1968: Svobodnyy ICBM complex (Launch site H, later launch site 8). Type IID pads.

Svobodnyy ICBM complex (Launch Site 8) (52 02 38N, 128 03 34E):

US designation: 1970 - 1980 Kartaly ICBM Complex - Launch Group F (Six Type IIIC silos):
US designation: 1980 - 2001 Kartaly ICBM Complex - Launch Group F (Six Type IIIF and one Type IIIX silos):