794th Missile Regiment

794-й ракетный полк

Military Unit: 68533, from 1968: 21422

Activated 3.64 in Svobodnyy, Amur Oblast, under the 27th Missile Division.

The regiment controlled site BSP-12 with 2 R-16 pads (alert duty from 3.64).

In 1968 the BSP-12 site was transferred to the 563rd Missile Regiment, and the regiment was relocated to the Baikonur Test Center 25.12.68, under the 98th Missile Brigade.

The regiment went on alert duty 25.8.69 with 6 R-36-O (SS-9 FOBS) silos - warheads were not fitted until 1972.

In 1979 renamed 232nd independent Engineering & Test Unit (232nd oiich).

The silos were deactivated in 1983, and unit was disbanded in 1984.

US designation 1964-1968: Svobodnyy ICBM complex (Launch site D, later launch site 4). Type IID pads.

Svobodnyy ICBM complex 1964-1968 (Launch Site 4) (51 58 05N, 128 05 55E):

Baikonur Test Center 1969-1983: