721st Lvovskiy order of Kutuzov Missile Regiment

721-й ракетный Львовский ордена Кутузова полк

Military Unit: 44097

Activated 6.60 in Bershet, Perm Oblast, from the 1064th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, under the 206th Missile Brigade, and from 5.61 the 52nd Missile Division.

The regiment controlled no BSP site with the R-16 missile.

The regiment began conversion to the UR-100 (SS-11) missile in 1965, and went on alert duty 24.11.66 in area BRK-1 with 10 silos.

The regiment stood down in 1974, and began conversion to the UR-100K missile - alert duty from 29.8.74.

The regiment stood down in 1989, and began conversion to the RT-23UTTKh (SS-24) rail-mobile missile - alert duty from 4.4.91 with 3 missile trains.

The regiment stood down 2002, and was disbanded 2005.

US designation 1966-1989: Perm ICBM complex (Launch Group G). Type IIID silos.

Perm ICBM complex (Launch Group G):

Bershet rail-mobile ICBM site (57 41 32N, 56 18 11E):

No drawing.