665th Missile Regiment

665 ракетный полк

Military Unit: 44073

Activated 28.6.60 at Lebedin, Sumy Oblast, from the 495th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, under the 200th Missile Brigade, from 5.61 the 43rd Guards Missile Division. Formation was completed in 1.11.60.


1.7.62 renamed 564th Missile Regiment for operations in Cuba (Operation Anadyr).

On September 1st, 1962, the first and second battalions stood down, and was relocated to Cuba (Operation Anadyr, and took over the Remedios III site in Cuba, under the 51st Missile Division. None of the battalions went on alert duty in Cuba.

Reformed 10.10.62 in Lebedin, Sumy Oblast, from the 712th Missile Regiment (18th Guards Missile Division).

4.1.63 absorbed the 564th Missile Regiment (the old 665th Missile Regiment).

The three battalions stood down in 1979.

The regiment went on alert duty 14.5.82 with 9 RSD-10 Pioner-UTTKh (15P653) (SS-20) missiles.

The regiment stood down 1990, and was disbanded shortly thereafter (1992).

US designation 1960-1979: Lebedin IRBM complex (Lebedin launch sites 1 - 3). Type III (pad) sites.

Lebedin launch site 1 with 4 R-14 pads (50 32 58N, 34 25 44E):

Lebedin launch site 2 with 4 R-14 pads (50 35 52N, 34 24 34E):

Lebedin launch site 3 with 4 R-14 pads (50 37 52N, 34 27 21E):

No drawing.

Lebedin Mobile IRBM Base 1 (1982-1990 RSD-10 missiles) (50 32 58N, 34 25 44E):

Remedios III site (Cuba, 1962) (22 25 00N, 79 35 20W):

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