344th Guards Red Banner Missile Regiment im. 50th Anniversary SSSR

344-й гвардейский ракетный Краснознаменный полк им. 50-летия СССР

Military Unit: 44008, from 1987: 52933

Activated 1.7.60 in Priekule, Latvia, under the 29th Guards Missile Division, from the 122nd Guards Artillery Regiment.


Honoured with the name "imeni 50-Letiya SSSR" in 1972.

The three battalions stood down 1.3.83.

Was to have converted to the RSD-10 Pioner (SS-20) missile attached to the 32nd Missile Division in 1980, but this never went beyond the planning stage.

1.7.87 transferred to Irkutsk, Irkutsk Oblast, converted to RT-2PM (SS-25) missile, and went on alert duty 9.8.88 with 9 missiles, still attached to the 29th Guards Missile Division.

US designation 1960-1983: Nigrande IRBM complex (Nigrande, Skrunda and Vainode launch sites). Type III (pad) and IV (silo) sites.

Nigrande launch site with 4 R-14 pads (56 31 03N, 22 02 11E):

Skrunda launch site with 3 R-14U silos (56 35 20N, 21 49 17E):

Vainode launch site with 3 R-14U silos (56 28 24N, 21 50 04E):

Irkutsk Mobile ICBM Base 1 (1988-today RT-2PM missiles) (52 40 10N, 104 31 11E):

No drawing.