129th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

129-я зенитно-ракетная бригада

Military Unit: 01442

Activated 3.60 in Sangachaly, Azerbaizhan SSR, as 383rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.

1968 renamed 129th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, when five S-125 (SA-3) battalions were activated.

Organisation 1960's:

1970's and 1980's with 2 S-200 (SA-5), 5 S-75 (SA-2) and 5 S-125 (SA-3) battalions.

During the early 1970's an independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Group with 2 launch S-200 (SA-5) battalions were added to the regiment. The location is uncertain, except that it was located west of Gobustan, Azerbaizhan SSR - a possible location could be 40 09 01N, 48 09 47E. During the regional trouble in Azerbaizhan during 1989, the Anti-Aircraft Missile Group was transferred to Mingechaur, Azerbaizhan SSR, and became attached to the 190th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.

Disbanded 1990 - two of the S-75 (SA-2) battalions were transferred to the 190th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.