15th Lvovskiy Red Banner Air Defence Corps

15-й Львовский Краснознаменный корпус ПВО

Military Unit: 55131

Activated 3.60 in Alyaty (Baku), Azerbaizhan SSR, from the 236th Fighter Aviation Division PVO.

Organisation 1962:

In 1968 the 627th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO left the corps, and became a training regiment.

In 8.69 the 2nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO and the 21st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO was transferred to the 23rd Air Army.

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1980:

In 5.80 both fighter aviation regiments left the corps, and was attached to the VVS Transcaucasus Military District.

1.2.88 renamed 97th Air Defence Division.

Organisation 12.88:

1.9.89 the 386th independent Helicopter Squadron was activated.

Disbanded 1992.