2nd Guards Sevastopolskaya Maritime Missile Aviation Division imeni N.A. Tokarev

2-я гвардейская морская ракетоносная Севастопольская авиационная дивизия имени Н.А. Токарева

Military Unit: 42801; from 1971: 00000

Activated 1939 as the 63rd Bomber Aviation Brigade.

14.7.43 renamed 1st Maritime-Torpedo Aviation Division.

5.5.44 renamed 2nd Guards Maritime-Torpedo Aviation Division.

31.5.44 named "imeni N.A. Tokarev".

Organisation 1945:

In 1951 the 5th Guards Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment was transferred to the 88th Long-Range Bomber Aviation Division, while the 1675th and 1817th Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiments joined the division.

Organisation 1951:

In 1953 the 241st Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment left the division, followed by the 1817th Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment in 2.54 (the latter was temporarily attached to the division between 3.55 and 8.55).

Organisation 1957:

In 1958 the 942nd Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment was disbanded, and was replaced by the 981st Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment.

Organisation 1960:

Disbanded 27.3.60.

Re-activated 1971 as the 2nd Guards Maritime Missile Aviation Division with the old honours and awards.

Organisation 1972:

Organisation 1990:

Disbanded 15.12.94.