124th Maritime Missile Aviation Regiment

124-й морской ракетоносный авиационный полк

Military Unit: 30834

Activated 30.8.55 in Gvardeskoye, Crimean Oblast, as the 124th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, from the 27th Training Unit.

3.10.57 renamed 124th Long-Range Martitime Torpedo Aviation Regiment.

20.3.61 renamed 124th independent Maritime Missie Aviation Regiment.

1971 renamed 124th Maritime Missie Aviation Regiment.

1980 with Tu-16K-10-26 (1st and 2nd AE), Tu-16Z (3rd AE) and Tu-16SPS (3rd AE).

During the 1980's a squadron was deployed to Syria for a short while, but details are lacking.

Disbanded 12.90.