120th Guards Rogachevskaya Red Banner orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Motorised Rifle Division imeni Supreme Soviet Belorussian SSR

120-я гвардейская мотострелковая Рогачевская Краснознамённая орденов Суворова и Кутузова дивизия имени Верховного Совета Белорусской ССР

Military Unit: 04147

Activated 20.5.57 in Uruchye, Minsk Oblast, as the 120th Guards Motorised Rifle Division, from the 120th Guards Rifle Division.

Organisation 1960:

In 1961 the 000 independent Missile Battalion was activated.

19.2.62 the 82nd independent Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion was activated.

In 5.62 the 84th independent Tank Battalion was activated.

In 7.63 the 336th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment was renamed 336th independent Guards Naval Infantry Regiment, and was replaced by the 356th Motorised Rifle Regiment.

In 1967 named "imeni Verkhovnogo Soveta Belorusskoy SSR".

In 1968 the 126th independent Guards Sapper Battalion was renamed 126th independent Guards Engineer-Sapper Battalion, while the 741st independent Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion was activated, and the 84th independent Tank Battalion was renamed 2nd independent Tank Company (disbanded 1969).

Organisation 1970:

In 1972 the 000 independent Chemical Defence Company was renamed 100th independent Chemical Defence Battalion.

In 1980 the 000 independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 1626th independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

In 1.6.82 the 000 independent Missile Battalion and the 741st independent Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion was disbanded.

1.6.82 re-organised and renamed 5th independent Guards Army Corps (commanded by Major-General Aleksandr Petrovich Chumakov):

1.6.83 re-organised:

Organisation 1988:

In 5.88 the 276th independent Helicopter Regiment, 407th independent Airfield Technical Support Battalion and 1209th independent Communication and Radio-Technical Support Company was detached from the corps.

1.6.89 reduced, and renamed 120th Guards Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1990:

1.92 taken over by Belarus.



Equipment 12.85:

Equipment 19.11.90 (CFE treaty holdings):

Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Ready Division - Reduced Strength I (US terms: Category I). It was a showcase division, where new equipment were first seen/tested, before being introduced to other units - the division was equipped with self-propelled artillery in the 1970's, and all three motorised rifle regiments were equipped with BMP's, before the conversion to an army corps in 1982.