1st Guards Red Banner Tank Army

1-я гвардейская танковая Краснознамённая армия

Military Unit: 08608


Activated 30.1.43 in Ostaskov, Kalinin Oblast, as the 1st Tank Army, from the 29th Army.

25.4.44 renamed 1st Guards Tank Army.

4.7.46 renamed 1st Guards Mechanised Army.

29.4.57 renamed 1st Guards Tank Army.

Organisation 1960:

In 6.64 took over the 6th Guards and the 7th Guards Tank Divisions from the departing 18th Guards Combined Arms Army, and the 21st Guards Motorised Rifle Division from the 8th Guards Combined Arms Army, in exchange for the 20th Guards Motorised Rifle Division.

22.2.68 awarded the Red Banner.

Organisation 1970:

12.9.79 the 6th Guards Tank Division was ordered to transfer to Grodno, Grodno Oblast - the transfer was completed in 3.80.

Organisation 1980:

In 5.83 re-organised:

Organisation 1988:

1994 renamed 1st Guards Combined Arms Army.

Disbanded 1.5.98.