18th Guards Combined Arms Army

18-я гвардейская общевойсковая армия

Military Unit: 13208


Activated 14.5.43 in Plavst, Tula Oblast, as the 3rd Guards Tank Army.

4.7.46 renamed 3rd Guards Mechanised Army.

31.10.46 reduced to the 3rd Guards Mechanised Division (mobilisation) - the attached divisions became regiments.

17.3.50 again enlarged, and became the 3rd Guards Mechanised Army.

29.4.57 renamed 18th Guards Combined Arms Army.

Organisation 1960:

28.8.64 renamed Operations Group Turkmenistan Military District, but 4.3.69 became the 18th Combined Arms Army (the Guards title was lost 8.64), until finally (24.6.69), the HQ was used to activate the Central Asian Military District.