117th independent Berlinskiy order of Kutuzov Aviation Regiment for Electronic Warfare

117-й отдельный Берлинский ордена Кутузова авиационный полк радиоэлектронной борьбы

Military Unit: 95846, from 1994: 24815

Activated 1.7.38 in Ivanovo, Ivanovo Oblast, as the 6th Long Range Bomber Aviation Regiment.

4.46 renamed 345th Bomber Aviation Regiment.

1951 converted to the Tu-4 bomber, and renamed 345th Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment.

In 11.59 renamed 179th independent Aviation Squadron of tanker aircraft.

22.11.69 renamed 117th independent Aviation Regiment for Electronic Warfare.

From October 1970 to 1982 few An-12PPS operated from Syria on a rotational basis (4 crews to 1972, and then 2 crews)

14.11.94 renamed 117th Military-Transport Aviation Regiment.