326th Tarnopolskaya order of Kutuzov Heavy Bomber Aviation Division

326-я тяжелая бомбардировочная Тарнопольская ордена Кутузова авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 00000, from 1954: 42191

Activated 10.10.43 in Egorevsk, Moscow Oblast, as the 326th Night Bomber Aviation Division.

23.6.44 renamed 326th Bomber Aviation Division.

Organisation 5.45 (Sagan, Poland):

6.45 to the Far East for operations against Japan - based at Rudovko, Mongolia.

Organisation 4.46:

1951 renamed 326th Heavy Bomber Aviation Division.

Organisation 1955:

Organisation 1970:

Organisation 1990:

Organisation 2000: