50th Air Army DA

50-я Воздушная Армия ДА

Military Unit: 49707; from 4.46: 55135


Activated 5.42 from the VVS Kalinin Front, as the 3rd Air Army.

Organisation 5.45:

Most units were transferred to the 15th Air Army during the 1945/46 period.

9.4.46 renamed 1st Air Army DA, and transferred to Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast.

Organisation 1946:

10.1.49 renamed 50th Air Army DA.

Organisation 1950:

The 144th Fighter Aviation Division was part of the army 1952 to 1957.

The 51st Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Corps and the 79th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Corps was disbanded 8.56.

Organisation 1958:

1.7.60 renamed 50th Missile Army.