15th Air Army

15-я Воздушная Армия

Military Unit: 00000


Activated 7.42.

Organisation 5.45:

10.1.49 renamed 30th Air Army.

Organisation 1962:

4.4.68 renamed 15th Air Army.

5.6.68 the 43rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment was transferred to Mongolia.

The 132nd Bomber Aviation Division arrived from Germany 7.68.

Organisation 1970:

12.77 renamed VVS Baltic Military District.

Organisation 1980:

The 39th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division was activated in 1981.

In 1982 the 132nd Bomber Aviation Division was transferred to the 4th Air Army VGK.

The 1st Guards Fighter Aviation Division was disbanded in 1986.

5.88 renamed 15th Air Army.

The 236th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment arrived from Czechoslovakia 7.89.

Organisation 1990:

Disbanded 12.93.