1st Red Banner Air Army

1-я Воздушная Краснознамённая Армия

Military Unit: 06804


Activated 1.4.57 in Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Kray, from the 29th Air Amy and the 54th Air Army - initially known as the 1st Special Far Eastern Air Army.

Organisation 1962:

In 1968 the 26th Guards Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment and the 56th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment was added to the army.

Organisation 1970:

In 10.70 the 277th Bomber Aviation Regiment arrived from Germany.

The 83rd Mixed Aviation Division was activated in 1972.

Red Banner awarded 30.4.75.

The 300th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment joined the army in 1977.

Organisation 1980:

In 5.80 renamed VVS Far Eastern Military District.

In 1982 the 33rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division was activated.

In 9.85 the 187th independent Assault Aviation Regiment was activated.

In 5.88 renamed 1st Air Army.

The 33rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division was disbanded 10.89.

Organisation 1990:

The 303rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division was disbanded 1994.

Organisation 1995:

1.5.98 renamed 11th Army VVS and PVO.