gemischte Flak-Abteilung 355 (v)

Formed 1.42 in Luftgau VII with 4 Batterien as schwere Flak-Abt. 355.

Reorganised as a gemischte Abteilung in mid-1943, when 2 new leichte Batterien was formed:

5./gem.355 was formed from 1./998 (RAD 6./312)
6./gem.355 was formed from 2./846

7. - 10./gem.355 was formed in late 1943:

7./gem.355 new
8./gem.355 new
9./gem.355 from 5./gem.355, which was reformed
10./gem.355 from 6./gem.355, which was reformed

One of 7. - 10./gem.355 was also known as RAD 2./314.

Disbanded 10.44.


1997-2003 Michael Holm