Flak-Brigade V



Formed 8.40 in Dinant from Stab/Flak-Brigade Veith*, and controlled Flak units in the Orleans-Nantes-Brest area. In 1.43 moved to Rennes. In Summer 1943 renamed 5. Flak-Brigade.

Organisation 1.11.43:

Stab/Flak-Regiment 18 (mot.) left the brigade in 12.43.

Moved to Nimes in 2.44 (HQ later at Orange), now with (1.3.44):

8.44 withdrawn to Belfort and Strassburg.

Became 5. Flak-Brigade (ETr.) in 9.44 (controlling all railway AA units in the Reich) with (1.10.44):

Organisation 1.10.44:

Moved to Berlin in 10.44, now with (1.11.44):

In 2.45 redesignated 30. Flak-Division.

Subordinated to:

* Stab/Flak-Brigade Veith was formed 6.40 from Stab/Flugabwehrkommando Schwarzwald (Flak-Regiment 20), to control the Flak units used in the breach of the Maginot-line. After that transferred to Luftgau-Kommando Westfrankreich and became Stab/Flak-Brigade V.

1997-2003 Michael Holm