1. Fallschirm-Jäger-Division



Formed 1.5.43 from the 7. Flieger-Division in France. From the end of May 1943 stationed in Flers (near Caen), in reserve, under XI. Fliegerkorps / Heeresgruppe D. The first parts of the division arrived in Sicily on the 12th of July 1943, directly under XIV. AK, and went into combat immediately defending the island. Was the last unit to leave Sicily on 17th September 1943. The Division rested in Calabria during the remainder of August and early September. Remained in Italy for the rest of the war.

The division served under the following headquarters:

The Division consisted of the following units:

Replacement troops were provided by Fallschirm-Ersatz-Bataillon 1 in Aschersleben.


The 1st train with part of the division arrived at Caen main station (7th Armee) on 6.4.43; new divisional HQ at Flers; The movement into the 7th Armee area was completed on 22.4.43.

On 27.5.43 began movement into South France (Armeegruppe Felber), together with the XI. Fliegerkorps and the 2nd Fallschirm-Jäger-Division, with new divisional HQ at Cavaillon. 5 trains left Flers on the first day, with the last train having left by 5.6.43. The first two trains arrived at Avignon on 28.5.43, with the last train having arrived by 7.6.43.

On 12.7.43 began transfer to OB Süd.

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