Nachtjagdgruppe 10


Formed 1.1.44 at Werneuchen with 3 staffeln:

Bonn-Hangelar was used by 1./NJGr.10 as a forward airfield.

On 28.8.44 half of 1./NJGr.10 was redesignated 2./NJG11, and 1./NJGr.10 was now based at Bonn-Hangelar and Darmstadt-Biblis. On 27.10.44 the remainder of 1./NJGr.10 was redesignated 3./NJG11, and a new 1./NJGr.10 was formed at Bonn-Hangelar.

11.44 based at Werneuchen, with 1. staffel at Bonn-Hangelar and 3. staffel at Jüterbog. In 2.45 1./NJGr.10 was renamed 7./NJG11.

The Gruppe remained at Werneuchen until 6.3.45, when transferred to Liebenwalde. The unit was disbanded 4.45 and was absorbed by NJG5. All parts of NJGr.10 served under 1. Jagddivision until the end.

1997-2003 Michael Holm