Nachtjagdgeschwader 5



Formed 30.9.42 at Döberitz.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 9.42 at Stendal from II./ZG2 with:

Stab I./NJG5 from Stab II./ZG2
1./NJG5 from 4./ZG2
2./NJG5 from 5./ZG2
3./NJG5 from 6./ZG2

Reduced to 1./NJG5 on 30.3.45, when Stab I., 2. and 3./NJG5 was disbanded.


* 3./NJG5 was detached to Völkenrode in Autumn 1943.

II. Gruppe:


Formed 12.42 at Parchim with:

Stab II./NJG5 new
4./NJG5 from 7./NJG3
5./NJG5 from 3./NJG2
6./NJG5 new

On 10.5.44 II./NJG5 was redesignated III./NJG6:

Stab II./NJG5 became Stab III./NJG6
4./NJG5 became 7./NJG6
5./NJG5 became 9./NJG6
6./NJG5 became 8./NJG6

Reformed 10.5.44 in Gütersloh from V./NJG5 with:

Stab II./NJG5 from Stab V./NJG5
4./NJG5 from 13./NJG5
5./NJG5 from 14./NJG5
6./NJG5 from 15./NJG5

Reduced to 4./NJG5 on 30.3.45, when Stab II., 5. and 6./NJG5 was disbanded.


* 4./NJG5 was detached to Greifswald, at least between 7.43 and 1.44.

** detachments at Twente, Chateaudun and Hagenau.

*** 5./NJG5 was stationed at Krakau in late 1944.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 4.43 in Neuruppin with:

Stab III./NJG5 new
7./NJG5 new
8./NJG5 new
9./NJG5 new

7./NJG5 was disbanded 4.44, but was reformed again in 8.44.

Reduced to 7./NJG5 on 30.3.45, when Stab III., 8. and 9./NJG5 was disbanded.


* detachments at Greifswald (9./NJG5), Kolberg, Werneuchen, Königsberg-Neumark, Parchim and Mainz-Finthen.

** detachment at Lüneburg in 11.44.

IV. Gruppe:


Formed 12.42 in Lechfeld and Leipheim with:

Stab IV./NJG5 new
10./NJG5 new
11./NJG5 new
12./NJG5 from 2./NJG4 (4.43)

On 1.8.43 Stab IV./NJG5 became Stab I./NJG100 and 10./NJG5 became 1./NJG100. Stab IV./NJG5 and 10./NJG5 was reformed 1.8.43 in Brandis and Erfurt-Bindersleben.

Reduced to 10./NJG5 on 30.3.45, when Stab IV., 11. and 12./NJG5 was disbanded.

1. Schwarm 1./NJG5 existed 12.42 - 8.43, and then became 1. Schwarm 1./NJG100.


* 10. and 12./NJG5 flew operations in Russia during January 1943. Both moved to Bryansk and Orel in June 1943, for Operation Citadel. Was divided into several detachments in 7.43, and operated under Luftflotte 6 in the Smolensk-Bryansk area and under Luftflotte 4 in the Poltava-Stalino area.

** detachments at Erfurt-Bindersleben and Vechta.

*** detachment at Stubendorf between 6.44 and 8.44.

**** 10./NJG5 detached to Praust in 10.44.

V. Gruppe:


Formed 11.8.43 in Insterburg with:

Stab V./NJG5 new
13./NJG5 new
14./NJG5 new
15./NJG5 new

On 10.5.44 redesignated II./NJG5:

Stab V./NJG5 became Stab II./NJG5
13./NJG5 became 4./NJG5
14./NJG5 became 5./NJG5
15./NJG5 became 6./NJG5


* 14. and 15./NJG5 at Powunden


Formed 6.44 in Königsberg-Neumark from parts of NJG5.

In 12.44 redesignated 16./NJG5, but on 1.1.45 became Stabsstaffel/NJG5.


6.44 - 2.45 Königsberg-Neumark   Bf 110, Ju 88
2.45 - 3.4.45 Lüneburg   Bf 110, Ju 88
4.4.45 - 1.5.45 Lübeck-Blankensee   Bf 110, Ju 88

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