Nachtjagdgeschwader 2



Formed 1.11.41 in Gilze Rijen.


I. Gruppe:


Formed 1.9.40 at Gilze-Rijen from II./NJG1 with:

Stab I./NJG2 from Stab II./NJG1
1./NJG2 from 4./NJG1 with Ju 88C-1
2./NJG2 from 5./NJG1 with Do 17Z-7/10
3./NJG2 from 6./NJG1 with Ju 88C-2

On 1.10.42 1./NJG2 was redesignated 5./NJG2, and a new 1./NJG2 was reformed from the rest of I./NJG2.

In 11.42 1./NJG2 was redesignated 10./NJG3, and a new 1./NJG2 was reformed from the rest of I./NJG2.

In 28.8.43 2./NJG2 was redesignated 6./NJG2, and a new 2./NJG2 was reformed from the rest of I./NJG2.


* 2./NJG2 moved to Benghazi on 17.11.41 (Fl. Fü. Afrika), but returned to Catania 28.11.41

** 2. and 3./NJG2 was based at Benghazi, 1.42 - 20.3.42; From 4.42 I./NJG2 was scattered all over the Mediterranean, with detachments at Benina, Berca, Derna, Benghasi, El Quasaba and Kastelli/Crete. Main base was still Catania.

*** 2./NJG2 was based at Gilze Rijen

II. Gruppe:


4./NJG2 was formed 11.40 in Gilze Rijen from 1./ZG2. In 11.41 the staffel moved to Catania, and would remain there until 25.2.42 (attached to I./NJG2 11.40 - 2.42), when it transferred back to Leeuwarden and joined II./NJG2.

Stab II./NJG2 was formed 1.11.41 in Leeuwarden with:

Stab II./NJG2 new
4./NJG2 (attached to I./NJG2 until 25.2.42)
5./NJG2 from 4./NJG1
6./NJG2 new

On 1.10.42 redesignated IV./NJG1:

Stab II./NJG2 became Stab IV./NJG1
4./NJG2 became 2./NJG3
5./NJG2 became 11./NJG2
6./NJG2 became 12./NJG1

Reformed 1.10.42 at Gilze Rijen from III./NJG2 with:

Stab II./NJG2 from Stab III./NJG2
4./NJG2 from 7./NJG2
5./NJG2 from 1./NJG2

6./NJG2 was formed 28.8.43 from 2./NJG2.


* 4./NJG2 operated Do 17Z until early 1942.

III. Gruppe:


Formed 3.42 in Gilze Rijen with new crews:

Stab III and 7./NJG2 in 3.42
8./NJG2 in 5.42
9./NJG2 in 6.42

In 7.42 7./NJG2 moved to Grove (Karup). 

On 1.10.42 redesignated II./NJG2:

Stab III./NJG2 became Stab II./NJG2
7./NJG2 became 4./NJG2
8./NJG2 became 10./NJG1
9./NJG2 became 11./NJG3

Reformed 15.8.43 in Stuttgart/Nellingen from V./NJG6 with:

Stab III./NJG2 from Stab V./NJG6
7./NJG2 from 13./NJG6
8./NJG2 from 14./NJG6
9./NJG2 from 15./NJG6

In 9.44 9./NJG2 absorbed Luftbeobachtungsstaffel 3. On 30.10.44 III./NJG2 was redesignated IV./NJG3:

Stab III./NJG2 became Stab IV./NJG3
7./NJG2 became 10./NJG3
8./NJG2 became 11./NJG3
9./NJG2 became 12./NJG3

while a new III./NJG2 was formed from the old IV./NJG3 with:

Stab III./NJG2 from Stab IV./NJG3
7./NJG2 from 10./NJG3
8./NJG2 from 11./NJG3
9./NJG2 from 12./NJG3


IV. Gruppe:


Formed 30.10.44 at Münster-Handorf from I./NJG7 with:

Stab IV./NJG2 from Stab I./NJG7
10./NJG2 from 1./NJG7
11./NJG2 from 2./NJG7
12./NJG2 from 3./NJG7

On 23.2.45 redesignated NSGr.30:

Stab IV./NJG2 became Stab/NSGr.30
10./NJG2 became 1./NSGr.30
11./NJG2 became 2./NSGr.30
12./NJG2 became 3./NSGr.30


V. Gruppe:


Formed 1.12.44 from III./KG2 with:

Stab V./NJG2 from Stab III./KG2
13./NJG2 from 7./KG2
14./NJG2 from 8./KG2
15./NJG2 from 9./KG2

Disbanded 29.4.45.




Formed 10.40 in Gilze Rijen (only officially from 8.41). Disbanded 14.10.43.



Formed 7.10.44 in Parchim from 5./NJG2.

In 12.44 redesignated 16./NJG2, but on 1.1.45 became Stabsstaffel/NJG2.


10.44 - 1.5.45 Parchim   Ju 88

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