134th Red Banner Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade

134-я зенитно-ракетная Краснознаменная бригада

Military Unit: 28042

Activated 3.60 in Kuybyshev, Kuybyshev Oblast, from the 183rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment.

Initially with 7 S-75 (SA-2) battalions.

Organisation 1960's:

In 1969 an independent Anti-Aircraft Missile Group with 3 launch S-200 (SA-5) battalions were added to the brigade (US designation: SAM site C01-5):

1980's with 7 S-75 and 3 S-200 battalions.

In 1989 the first Anti-Aircraft Missile Battalion converted to the S-300PS (SA-10) missile:

A fourth S-300PS (SA-10) battalion was activated in 1993, when the S-200 battalions were disbanded - 53 41 01N, 50 07 06E

In 12.93 renamed 568th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment.