759th independent Tallinskiy Red Banner orders of Ushakov and Nakhimov Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment

759-й отдельный минно-торпедный Таллинский Краснознаменный орденов Ушакова и Нахимова авиационный полк

Military Unit: 30945

Activated 12.61 in Khrabrovo, Kaliningrad Oblast, from a storage base containing aircraft and crews of the disbanded 51st Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment.

From 4.8.62 the aircraft was packed in crates, and during 9.62 to 10.62 was transported to Cuba by sea - while in Cuba, known as the 410th Maritime Torpedo Aviation Regiment.

1967 parts were used to activate the 35th independent Target-towing Aviation Squadron.

1.9.71 united with the 17th independent Anti-Submarine Aviation Squadron, and renamed 49th independent Anti-Submarine Aviation Squadron.