60th Moskovskaya Sevsko-Varshavskaya Red Banner order of Suvorov Tank Division

60-я танковая Московская Севско-Варшавская Краснознамённая ордена Суворова дивизия

Military Unit: 73835

Activated 5.6.57 in Dzerzhinsk, Gorkiy Oblast, as the 43rd Tank Division, from the 60th Rifle Division.

Organisation 1960:

19.2.62 the 000 independent Missile Battalion and the 000 independent Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion was activated.

In 1962 the 000 independent Artillery Battalion was renamed 863rd Artillery Regiment.

1.11.65 renamed 60th Tank Division.

27.3.67 awarded the name "Moscow" from the traditions of the 1st People's Militia Division in Moscow, which in 1941 became the 60th Rifle Division.

In 1968 the 696th independent Sapper Battalion was renamed 696th independent Guards Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

Organisation 1970:

In 1.80 the 285th Tank Regiment was mobilised, and transferred to Termez (201st Motorised Rifle Division), and was replaced by the 142nd Tank Regiment.

In 1980 the 000 independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 0000 independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

Organisation 1988:

9.3.89 renamed 5409th Weapons and Equipment Storage Base.

Disbanded 13.2.90.



Equipment 12.85:

Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Not Ready Division - Low-Strength Cadre (US terms: Category III).