2nd Guards Tamanskaya order of the October Revolution Red Banner order of Suvorov Motorised Rifle Division imeni M.I. Kalinin

2-я гвардейская мотострелковая Таманская ордена Октябрьской Революции Краснознаменная ордена Суворова дивизия имени М.И. Калинина

Military Unit: 23626

Activated 5.6.57 in Kalininets, Moscow Oblast, as the 23rd Guards Motorised Rifle Division, from the 23rd Guards Mechanised Division.

Organisation 1960:

17.11.64 renamed 2nd Guards Motorised Rifle Division.

19.2.62 re-organised:

In 1968 the 211th independent Guards Sapper Battalion was renamed 211th independent Guards Engineer-Sapper Battalion.

Organisation 1970:

In 1972 the 179th independent Chemical Defence Company was renamed 614th independent Chemical Defence Battalion.

15.11.72 re-organised:

In 1980 the 589th independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 1063rd independent Material Supply Battalion.

Organisation 1980:

1.6.83 the 404th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment left the division, and became the 27th independent Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade.

26.4.85 awarded the order of the October Revolution.

29.11.85 the 236th Motorised Rifle Regiment was activated to replace the missing 404th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment.

Organisation 1988:

4.5.90 two regiments reverted back to their old World War 2 designations:

19.8.1991 deployed into Moscow as part of the hardline coup, but supported Gorbachev instead.

In 4.92 the 290th Tank Regiment was united with the 1st Guards Tank Regiment from the disbanded 9th Tank Division - new name: 1st Guards Tank Regiment.

1.10.92 the 359th independent Missile Battalion was detached to the new 126th Missile Brigade.

In 9.93 the 236th Motorised Rifle Regiment was united with the 283rd Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment from the 94th Guards Motorised Rifle Division - new name: 283rd Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment.

10.93 the 1117th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment was transferred from Kurkino to Kalininets, Moscow Oblast.

4.10.93 opened fire on the parliament building in Moscow during the 1993 constitutional crisis.

12.1999 to 5.2000 the 1st Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment was deployed to Chechnya.

1.6.2009 renamed 5th independent Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade.

2013 again renamed 2nd Guards Motorised Rifle Division.



Equipment 12.85:

Equipment 19.11.90 (CFE treaty holdings):

Equipment 1.1.2000 (CFE treaty holdings):

Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Ready Division - Reduced Strength I (US terms: Category I).