14th Guards Poltavskaya Red Banner orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Motorised Rifle Division

14-я гвардейская мотострелковая Полтавская Краснознаменная орденов Суворова и Кутузова дивизия

Military Unit: 60875

Activated 20.4.57 in Jüterbog, East Germany, from the 14th Guards Mechanised Division.

In 4.58 the 236th Guards Motorised Rifle Regiment was transferred to the 82nd Motorised Rifle Division, and was replaced by the 69th Motorised Rifle Regiment, from the same division.

Organisation 1960:

In 1961 the 640th independent Missile Battalion was activated.

19.2.62 the 19th independent Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion was activated.

In 5.62 the 17th independent Tank Battalion was activated.

In 1968 the 148th independent Guards Sapper Battalion was renamed 148th independent Guards Engineer-Sapper Battalion, while the 466th independent Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion was activated.

Organisation 1970:

In 1975 the 330th Tank Regiment inherited the tradition, honors and awards of the 343rd Guards Tank Regiment, and was renamed 343rd Guards Tank Regiment.

In 1980 the 723rd independent Motor Transport Battalion was renamed 90th independent Material Supply Battalion, and the 18th independent Reactive Artillery Battery was absorbed by the Artillery Regiment.

Organisation 1980:

14.9.82 re-organised as a tank division, and renamed 32nd Guards Tank Division:

Organisation 1988:

28.8.88 the 640th independent Missile Battalion disbanded, and was absorbed by the new 464th Missile Brigade.

In 5.89 the 69th Motorised Rifle Regiment was transferred to the 35th Motorised Rifle Division, and the 1009th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment was transferred to the 47th Guards Tank Division.

Disbanded 6.89




Divisional coordinates:

The division was maintained as a Ready Division - First Line (US terms: Category I) - manning was almost 100%.