1st Guards Brestsko-Berlinskaya Red Banner orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Engineer-Sapper Brigade

1-я гвардейская инженерно-саперная Брестско-Берлинская Краснознаменная орденов Суворова и Кутузова бригада

Military Unit: 44635; from 11.56: 43400; from 5.94: 11105

Activated 1.4.43 as the 1st Guards Motorised Engineer Brigade RGK, from the 16th Motorised Engineer Brigade.

25.10.45 renamed 1st Guards Engineer-Sapper Brigade RGK.

26.6.46 renamed 1st Guards Engineer-Sapper Regiment.

In 6.51 renamed 55th Guards Engineer-Sapper Brigade RVGK.

In 9.53 renamed 55th Guards Engineer-Sapper Brigade.

17.2.65 renamed 1st Guards Engineer-Sapper Brigade.

Organisation 1988:

Twice deployed to Chechnya for combat operations (12.94 to 2.95 and 2.2000 to 7.2000).

1.5.98 renamed 8th Guards Engineer-Sapper Regiment.

23.10 to 26.10.2002 took part in hostage rescue operations at Dubrovka (Moscow).

1.12.2014 renamed 1st Guards Engineer-Sapper Brigade.



Equipment 19.11.90 (CFE treaty holdings):

Brigade coordinates: