12th Army Corps

12-й армейский корпус

Military Unit: 20650


Activated 13.10.42 as the 12th Rifle Corps.

Organisation 1.10.45:

In 6.46 both divisions were disbanded, and was replaced by two independent Rifle Brigades.

Organisation 1.1.47:

1.7.49 the 11th independent Rifle Brigade was renamed 19th Mountain Rifle Division.

23.7.49 the 3rd independent Guards Rifle Brigade was renamed 24th Guards Mountain Rifle Division.

28.7.49 to 9.54 known as the 12th Mountain Rifle Corps.

Organisation 1950:

In 9.54 both mountain rifle divisions became regular rifle divisions.

15.5.57 the 19th Rifle Division was renamed 92nd Motorised Rifle Division.

10.6.57 renamed 12th Army Corps - while the 24th Guards Mountain Rifle Division was renamed 42nd Guards Motorised Rifle Division.

Organisation 1960:

In 10.60 the 42nd Guards Motorised Rifle Division became a training division, and was transferred to district control.

In 7.69 transferred to Krasnodar, to replace the 29th Army Corps, which had moved to the Far East.

Organisation 1970:

In 1.72 the 62nd Motorised Rifle Division was activated in Maykop, but was transferred to Itatka, Tomsk Oblast, four months later.

In 1978 the 113th Motorised Rifle Division (mobilisation) was activated.

Organisation 1980:

In 1987 the 113th Motorised Rifle Division (mobilisation) was disbanded.

Organisation 1988:

In 5.92 renamed 49th Combined Arms Army.

1.10.94 renamed 67th Army Corps.

Disbanded 2001.