10th Rifle Corps

10-й стрелковый корпус

Military Unit: 16058; from 6.56: 69651


Activated 23.1.43 as the 10th Rifle Corps.

Organisation 10.5.45:

In 8.45 the 279th Rifle Division was replaced by the 87th Rifle Division.

Organisation 1.1.46:

In 4.46 the 87th, 91st and 347th Rifle Divisions were renamed 12th, 14th and 36th independent Rifle Brigades.

In 5.46 the 36th independent Rifle Brigade was replaced by the 40th independent Rifle Brigade.

Organisation 1.1.47:

In 3.47 the 12th independent Rifle Brigade was disbanded.

Organisation 1950:

In 12.51 the 40th independent Rifle Brigade was renamed 194th Rifle Division.

In 9.53 the 194th Rifle Division was renamed 65th Mechanised Division.

In 10.53 the 14th independent Rifle Brigade was renamed 91st Rifle Division.

Organisation 7.56:

4.6.57 renamed 10th Army Corps.

Organisation 1960:

Disbanded 6.60.