206th independent Assault Aviation Regiment

206-й отдельный штурмовой авиационный полк

Military Unit: 00000

Activation begun 8.84 in Pruzhany, Brest Oblast - formation was completed 1.12.85.

The first 6 Aero L-39 and 5 Su-25 arrived in the unit 4.11.85.

29.9.88 two squadrons (1st and 2nd AE) were transferred to Chirchik for combat training under the 1038th Training Center, and a month later (22 to 29.10.88) both arrived in Bagram, Afghanistan [34 56 44N, 69 15 46E], and became attached to the 378th independent Assault Aviation Regiment. Part of the unit (8 and later 12 aircraft) would also fly combat mission from Kabul [34 33 59N, 69 12 37E], from 12.11.88.

Both squadrons returned home (Postavy) in 2.89, and went on to Pruzhany in 4.89.

1.1.92 taken over by Belarus - 4.3.93 renamed 206th Aviation Base, and 26.3.93 206th Assault Aviation Base.