10th independent Moskovsko-Kenigsbergskiy Red Banner order of Suvorov Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment

10-й отдельный разведывательный Московско-Кенигсбергский Краснознаменный ордена Суворова авиационный полк

Military Unit: 21803

Activated 6.8.41 as the 38th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron.

13.1.42 renamed 3rd independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.

28.5.42 renamed 1st independent Long-Range Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron.

18.6.42 renamed 10th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.

In 1974 a directive was issued reducing all independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiments from three to two squadrons - the 2nd AE (Yak-28R) was absorbed by the 882nd independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment, while the 3rd AE became the new 2nd AE (MiG-21R).

15.7.83 the 2nd AE left for Afghanistan in some Il-76MD transport aircraft (the MiG-21R remained at home), and arrived in Kabul [34 33 55N, 69 12 50E], where they took over the MiG-21R left behind by the 293rd independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment.

While in Afghanistan the squadron was known as the 263rd independent Tactical Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron (a designation used by all reconnaissance squadrons deployed to Afghanistan on a rotational basis). The squadrons deployed to Afghanistan would normally remain for a year, but the 2nd AE returned home early, flying the MiG-21R to Karshi airfield, Kashkadar Oblast, on 29.3.84 - the next squadron to be deployed (from the 87th ORAP) would be using their Su-17M3R planes.

A new 3rd AE was activated in 1983 with MiG-25BM "Wild Weasel" fighters.

The 3rd AE was disbanded 1991.

1.1.92 taken over by Belarus - 1993 absorbed by the 116th Aviation Base, as the 3rd squadron.