979th Volkovyskskiy Red Banner order of Suvorov Fighter Aviation Regiment

979-й истребительный Волковыскский Краснознаменный ордена Суворова авиационный полк

Military Unit: 40476

Activated 3.8.42 as the 926th "A" Fighter Aviation Regiment.

21.8.42 renamed 979th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

1977 temporarily based at Ross, Grodno Oblast [53 18 15N, 24 22 02E].

In May 1986 a strengthened ad-hoc squadron, was assembled with 16 MiG-23ML and 2 MIG-23UB (mainly from 2nd and 3rd AE), for deployment to Afghanistan. The squadron flew to Mary, Mary Oblast [37 37 23N, 61 53 45E], on 19.5.86, and continued on to Kandahar, Afghanistan [31 30 26N, 65 51 01E], (it's operating base) on 31.5.86.

The tour of duty ended in May 1987, and the pilots returned home 23/24.5.87 without their aircraft. In the meantime, the regiment had been ordered to assemble personnel for a second strengthened ad-hoc squadron, which flew to Kandahar, Afghanistan, in Il-76 transports, arriving in May 1987 (combat missions resumed 27.5.87).

In August 1987 the squadron exchanged it's MiG-23ML for MiG-23MLD from the 190th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

Tour of duty ended for the second team in June 1988, and the pilots returned home 21.6.88.

The regiment was disbanded 1.7.89 - some personnel went to the 378th independent Assault Aviation Regiment.