149th Guards Red Banner Bomber Aviation Regiment

149-й гвардейский бомбардировочный Краснознаменный авиационный полк

Military Unit: 65229

Activated 19.6.38 as the 6th Fighter Aviation Regiment.

2.7.44 renamed 149th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment.

10.54 renamed 149th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO.

14.5.71 renamed 149th Guards Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment (1.69 according to other sources).

25.12.75 renamed 149th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment.

Three times (12.79 to 3.80, 4.84 to 5.84? and 9.88 to 11.1.89) deployed to Kokaydy, Surkhandar'inskaya Oblast [37 37 27N, 67 30 57E] for combat duties over Afghanistan.

1.92 taken over by Kazakhstan.

7.6.96 renamed 600th Guards Aviation Base.