3rd Guards Valdaysko-Kovelskaya Red Banner order of Suvurov Assault Aviation Division

3-я гвардейская штурмовая Валдайско-Ковельская Краснознаменная ордена Суворова авиационная дивизия

Military Unit: 06876

Activated 14.6.42 as the 243rd Assault Aviation Division.

18.3.43 renamed 3rd Guards Assault Aviation Division.

Organisation 5.45 (Topper, East Germany):

Disbanded 12.45 - the three regiments were transferred to the 11th Guards Assault Division (33rd) and the 300th Assault Aviation Division (70th and 71st).

According to another source, the 3rd Guards Assault Aviation Division was still active in 1946 with 3 regiments at Finsterwalde (33rd Guards, 70th Guards and 71st Guards) and 1 regiment in Cottbus (106th), and was now subordinated to the 6th Assault Aviation Corps. The division possibly survived to mid-1947.