22nd Air Army

22-я Воздушная Армия

Military Unit: 00000


Activated 2.52 in Petrozavodsk, Karelian ASSR, from the VVS Northern Military District.

Organisation 1952:

In 3.53 the 216th Fighter Aviation Division arrived in Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, while the 107th Fighter Aviation Division was transferred to the VVS Northern Fleet.

In 7.53 the 64th Fighter Aviation Corps arrived in Petrozavodsk, Karelian ASSR from China.

In 10.53 the 16th Guards Fighter Aviation Division left for East Germany.

Organisation 1954:

The 136th Assault Aviation Division was disbanded in 1955.

6.55 the 113th Fighter Aviation Division arrived in Murmansk, Murmansk Oblast, from the Far East.

The 64th Fighter Aviation Corps was disbanded 1956.

Organisation 1957:

8.60 renamed VVS Volga Military District.