Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 129

Formed 1.9.41 in Caen with:

Stab/Ln.Abt.129 new
1./Ln.Abt.129 new
2./Ln.Abt.129 new

Remained in Caen 1.42, when the 9. Flak-Division moved to Southern Russia.

Disbanded 2.42:

Stab/Ln.Abt.129 became Stab/Ln.Abt.133
1./Ln.Abt.129 became 1./Ln.Abt.133
2./Ln.Abt.129 became part of Ln.Abt.136

Reformed 9.42 in Southern Russia:

Stab/Ln.Abt.129 from Stab/Ln.Abt.3 (H)
1./Ln.Abt.129 from 1./Ln.Abt.3 (H)
2./Ln.Abt.129 from 2./Ln.Abt.3 (H)
Ger.Kol./Ln.Abt.129 from Ger.Kol./Ln.Abt.3 (H)

Most of the Abteilung was destroyed 1.43 in Stalingrad, and the remnants were used to form Luftnachrichten-Betriebs-Kompanie 129, which remained with the division until the end.


1997-2003 Michael Holm