Luftnachrichten-Regiment 42


Formed 1.8.42 in Zeist with:

6.-8./Ln.Rgt.42 each had one railway train with 22 railroad cars, equipped with 2 Würzburg and 2 Freya radars. The 3 companies used the following cover names: Sumatra I - III (Flugmelde) and Java I - III (Jägerleit). Operated mainly on the eastern front and in the Balkans.

11. - 13./Ln.Rgt.42 was three schwere/mittlere Flugmelde companies, each operating a radar site in Southern Germany:

The regiment was disbanded on 15.9.43:

Stab/Ln.Rgt.42 became Stab/Ln.Rgt. beim I. Jagdkorps
Stab I./Ln.Rgt.42 became Stab I./Ln.Rgt. beim I. Jagdkorps
1./Ln.Rgt.42 became 1./Ln.Rgt. beim I. Jagdkorps
2./Ln.Rgt.42 became 2./Ln.Rgt. beim I. Jagdkorps
3./Ln.Rgt.42 became 5./Ln.Rgt. beim I. Jagdkorps
4./Ln.Rgt.42 became 4./Ln.Abt. Mitte
Stab II./Ln.Rgt.42 became Stab/Flugmelde-Meß-Abteilung zbV 21
5./Ln.Rgt.42 became 1./Flugmelde-Meß-Abteilung zbV 21
6./Ln.Rgt.42 became 2./Flugmelde-Meß-Abteilung zbV 21
7./Ln.Rgt.42 became 3./Flugmelde-Meß-Abteilung zbV 21
8./Ln.Rgt.42 became 4./Flugmelde-Meß-Abteilung zbV 21

Stab III., 10.-15./Ln.Rgt.42 remained until 2.9.44:

Stab III./Ln.Rgt.42 became Stab I./Ln.Rgt.237
9./Ln.Rgt.42 became 5./Ln.Abt.201
10./Ln.Rgt.42 was disbanded
11./Ln.Rgt.42 became 1./Ln.Rgt.237
12./Ln.Rgt.42 was disbanded
13./Ln.Rgt.42 became 3./Ln.Rgt.237


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