Luftnachrichten-Regiment 31


Activated 4.41 in Berlin(?) from Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 31, for I. Fliegerkorps with:

Nachrichten-Flug-Kommando/Ln.Rgt.31 was formed in late 1942 (in 9.44 became Flieger-Kompanie/Ln.Rgt.31, disbanded 2.45).

In early 1943 3./Ln.Rgt.31 became Ln.Verb.Kp.zbV.1, and was reformed from 3./Ln.Rgt.35; 7./Ln.Rgt.31 was to have been formed from Flgm.Fu.Kp.zbV.31, but this was apparently cancelled; 6./Ln.Rgt.31 was finally formed 6.44 from 6./Ln.Rgt.34.

In 3.44 4./Ln.Rgt.31 became 5./Luftgau-Nachrichten-Abteilung 30, and was reformed 6.44 from 4./Ln.Rgt.34.

In 6.44 Stab III./Ln.Rgt.31 became Stab/Luftnachrichten-Verbindungs-Abteilung 2, and 3./Ln.Rgt.31 became Ln.Verb.Kp.5.

In 9.44 6./Ln.Rgt.31 became 3./Ln.Abt.103.

In 12.44 9./Ln.Rgt.31 became 16./353, and Stab II./Ln.Rgt.31 was disbanded. 8./Ln.Rgt.31 was disbanded 1.45.

Now only Stab, Stab I., 1., 2., 4., 5., Fl.Kp. and Ger.Kol. I./Ln.Rgt.31 existed.


1997-2003 Michael Holm