Generalkommando IV. Flakkorps

Kommandierender General:

Chef des Stabes:

GenLt Kurt Wagner was to have taken command of the corps on 21.7.44, but was replaced by Renz.

Began formation 7.44 in Breslau under Luftflotte 1, apparently from parts of Stab/Kommandierende General der deutschen Luftwaffe in Dänemark. Formation was never completed.

Reformed 12.9.44 in Edenkoben. Subordinated to Luftwaffenkommando West. Saw action in the Heeresgruppe C area, from Mosel to the Swiss border.

Organisation 1.10.44/1.12.44:

In December 1944 28. Flak-Division (HQ: Herrenalb/Schwarzwald) joined the corps, while 13. Flak-Division left in 3.45. In February 1945 21. Flak-Division (HQ: Darmstadt) and 19. Flak-Brigade joined the corps, followed by 26. Flak-Division (HQ: München) in 4.45.

Surrendered 5.45 in southern Germany.

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