Fallschirm-Panzer-Regiment Hermann Göring


Formed 2.43 in South France from III. (Stab)/Schützen-Regiment Hermann Göring and V./Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment Hermann Göring.

Initially as Panzer-Regiment Hermann Göring, but from 7.44 as Fallschirm-Panzer-Regiment Hermann Göring.

In 7.44 III. battalion became independent as Fallschirm-Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung Hermann Göring.

Served under Panzer-/Fallschirm-Panzer-Division Hermann Göring, and from 10.44 Fallschirm-Panzer-Division 1 Hermann Göring.

In 1945 only I. (1., 3., 6. and 7. coys.) saw any action, II. was stationed in Grafenwöhr.


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